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Passionate About Optometry

I am passionate about optometry and how it can change the lives of both patient and practitioner. Allow me to share the wisdom of 20+ years of experience, boiled down to a concise model.

Flexibility, challenge and impact were all drivers for me in the development of my optometric career. Over the last 20 plus years I have built a Visual Skills Clinic that meets the needs of an underserved population, utilizing both neuro, functional and developmental optometry.

Success in optometry is dependent upon a healthy work-life balance. The best clinicians are present in the moment, able to think clearly and perform high-level analysis and problem solving, while actively listening to the patient and weaving the treatment recommendation into a warm and sincere conversation.

Achieving the work-life balance that affords the rest, relaxation and enjoyment of life outside optometry is the critical first step, and has become increasingly elusive in the current climate of decreasing insurance reimbursement. Creating a cash pay specialty within your practice addresses the desired balance beautifully and is easier than you might think to launch. I know because I have done it.

Leanne Liddicoat

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Essential needs of patients

A study published in 2001 looked at 1679 subjects between 18 and 38 years old. 56.2% presented with symptoms of binocular disorders, 61.4% were diagnosed with accommodation disorders and 38.6% were diagnosed with vergence disorders. This doesn’t even account for the 15-20% of school aged patients with visual efficiency disorders or the 69-82% of patients with visual symptoms from concussion. Don’t let these patients needlessly suffer.

Essential needs your practice

Consistent cash flow is a vital element of a health practice. Creating a specialty clinic, such as a Visual Skills Clinic, within a standard optometric practice has the ability to bring in 3x the industry benchmark for revenue per OD hour, as well as to insulate your business from ever-decreasing insurance reimbursements. In addition, some patients will look to receive services elsewhere if you do not provide comprehensive care. Keeping patients in your practice is vital for long-term sustainability.

Essential needs of you, as a practitioner

Patients can receive a decent refraction and pair of glasses at a multitude of places. Solving visual problems over and above the standard exam affords you as a professional, a tremendous sense of challenge and ultimately fulfillment. This is job satisfaction at its best.

Teaching professionals and patients about

neuro-functional optometry

Dr. Liddicoat recently presented to our support group of Foster and Adoptive parents on the topic of visual developmental conditions and primitive reflex integration. Dr. Liddicoat was professional, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable on the subject, with a well-thought out and comprehensive audio-visual presentation. Our families have a much greater understanding about how early childhood trauma and prenatal exposure to drugs can affect the visual and primitive reflex systems, and have some tangible skills to help their kids right now. Thank you Dr. Liddicoat!

I enjoy teaching other professionals and parents about neuro-functional optometry, in addition to coaching optometrists.

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